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47.00   Posting of Telephone Number of the Fire Department Emergency Ambulance Service in Eating Establishments.
47.02   Marathons – Endurance Contests and Exhibitions.
47.04   Sale of Used or Secondhand Hats.
47.05   New Locks in Apartments – Installation Required.
47.06   Tenant Relocation Assistance Where Apartments Are to Be Converted.
47.07   Tenant Relocation Assistance Where Apartments Are to Be Demolished.
47.08   Tenant Relocation Assistance Where Mobilehome Parks Are Changed to a Different Use.
47.09   Mobilehome Park Closure Impact Report.
47.10   Landlords – Nonpayment of Utility Bills.
47.11   Display of Aerosol Spray Paint Containers and Marker Pens.
47.12   Excessive Price Increases and Excess Accumulation of Supplies for Resale at Inflated Prices During a Declared Emergency.
47.13   Insertion of Writings into Containers.
47.14   Self Service Display of Tobacco Products.
47.15   Spectators Prohibited at Speed Contests and Exhibitions of Speed.
47.16   Display and Sale of Glass Etching Products.
47.17   Sale of Motor-driven Cycles and Motorized Bicycles.
47.50   Narcotics, Violent Crime, Unlawful Weapon or Ammunition Crime, and Gang-Related Crime Eviction Program.