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   A.   Title. This Article shall be known as the City of Los Angeles Governmental Ethics Ordinance.
   B.   Findings. The following findings are adopted in conjunction with the enactment of this Article:
   1.   As one of the great international cities of the world, Los Angeles will continue to confront great and complex opportunities and problems of both local and global significance.
   2.   One of the best ways to attract talented people to public service is to assure that the government is respected for its honesty and integrity; that its decisions are made on the merits, untainted by any consideration of private gain; and that the rules governing their conduct during and after leaving government service are as clear and complete as possible.
   3.   A governmental ethics ordinance that is as clear, tough, fair, comprehensive and effective as any in the nation is therefore needed.
   C.   Purposes. This Article is adopted to accomplish the following purposes:
   1.   To assure that individuals and interest groups in our society have a fair and equal opportunity to participate in the governmental process.
   2.   To assure that the governmental process itself promotes fairness and equity for all residents of the City regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation or disability.
   3.   To require elected City officers and key City officials to disclose investments, interests in real property and income in order to prevent conflicts of interests.
   4.   To prevent elected City officers and key City officials from receiving outside earned income that creates a potential conflict of interests.
   5.   To prevent City officials from lobbying the City for certain periods of time after they leave City service.
   6.   To increase understanding of the City Charter and ordinances, the roles of elected City officers and other public officials, the roles of City agencies, and the City election process.
   7.   To help restore public trust in governmental and electoral institutions.
   8.   To assure that this Article is vigorously enforced.