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   (Amended by Ord. No. 186,488, Eff. 12/27/19.)
   Chapter 35 of the 2019 California Building Code to the extent it adopts and amends NFPA 22-2013 is adopted by reference
94.2050.1.  Comply with the fire tank provisions in Chapters 4 and 9 of the 2019 California Building Code as it pertains to NFPA 22-2013.
94.2050.2.  Water Tanks in High-Rise Buildings.
   1.   One or more water tanks shall be installed to serve the fire sprinklers and standpipes in a high-rise building.  No tanks shall serve more than one building, however, one water service may supply tanks for more than one building, structure or tower.
   2.   The tank shall be supplied from the City water main via a fill line.  The fill line shall be sized to replenish the water in the tank at a rate equal to, or greater than, the required fire pump capacity.  The file line bypass shall be provided around all fill lines with a shut off valve that is normally closed.  Means shall be provided to flow test the automatic fill lines.
   3.   The capacity of the tank shall be based on the required standpipe demand capacity for the duration as specified in Table of NFPA 13-2016 edition or the requirements in Section 403.3.3 of the 2016 California Building Code, whichever is greater.