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55.00   Guns – Permits.
55.01   Concealed Weapons – Permit.
55.02   Concealed Weapons – Permit – Record.
55.03   Concealed Weapons – Permits – Fee.
55.04   Tear Gas Weapons – Permits.
55.06   Use of Bows and Arrows Prohibited.
55.07   Prohibition on Carrying or Possessing Specified Items While Attending or Participating in Any Public Demonstration, Rally, Protest, Picket Line or Public Assembly.
55.08   Glass Bottles on Public Property Prohibited.
55.09   Ammunition Sales.
55.10   Carry Knives or Daggers in Plain View Prohibited.
55.11   Requirements for Ammunition Sales.
55.12   Duty to Report Theft or Loss of Firearms; Exemptions.
55.12.1   [Disposal of Firearms and Ammunition.]
55.13   Sale of Ammunition Clips and Similar Devices.
55.14   Sale or Purchase of More than One Handgun Within a Thirty Day Period Prohibited.
55.15   Fingerprinting of Firearms Purchasers.
55.17   Possession of Gun Parts in Airports.
55.18   Sale of Large Caliber Firearms Prohibited.
55.19   [Sale of Ammunition for Large Caliber Firearms Prohibited.]
55.20   False or Secret Compartments in Vehicles to Hide Firearms or Destructive Devices.
55.21   Safe Storage of Firearms.
55.22   Prohibition on Possession, Purchase, or Sale of Nonserialized, Unfinished Firearm Frames or Receivers and Nonserialized Firearms.