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   If the City takes any corrective action which, in the judgment of an Environmental Manager, is reasonably necessary to remedy or prevent an imminent substantial danger to the public health, domestic livestock, wildlife or the environment arising out of any unauthorized disposal or release of any hazardous substance, the following described persons shall be jointly and severally liable to the City for the cost incurred by it in taking any such corrective action:
   A.   The owner or operator of a vessel or a facility,
   B.   Any person who at the time of disposal of any hazardous substance owned or operated any facility at which such hazardous substances were disposed of,
   C.   Any person who by contract, agreement, or otherwise arranged for disposal or treatment, or arranged with a transporter for disposal or treatment, of hazardous substances owned or possessed by such person, by any other party or entity, at any facility or incineration vessel owned or operated by another party or entity and containing such hazardous substances, and
   D.   Any person who accepts or accepted any hazardous substances for transport to disposal or treatment facilities, incineration vessels or sites selected by such person, from which there is a release, or a threatened release which causes the incurrence of response costs, of a hazardous substance.
   For the purposes of this article, the defenses available to liable persons shall be those defenses specified in Sections 101(35) and 107(b) of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980, as amended (42 U.S.C. §§ 9601(35) and 9607(b)).