(a)   Notice of the passage of a resolution of necessity and the filing of the estimated assessment required by the  Charter shall be given to property owners or persons in whose names the property may be assessed for taxation upon the tax duplicate in the manner provided for service of summons in civil actions. For all nonresident property owners who cannot be found, the notice shall be published at least once in a newspaper of general circulation within the City. Such notice shall contain a statement of the character of the proposed improvement, the fact that the assessment report has been filed with Council, the rate of such assessments, the number of installments, and that claims will be heard before the Board of Revision of Assessments, which time shall be not less than fifteen days subsequent to the service of such notice or the completion of the publication hereinbefore provided.
   (b)   Notice of the passage of a resolution declaring that certain specified sidewalks, curbings or gutters shall be constructed or repaired, required by the Charter, shall be given to the owner, or agent of the owner, of each parcel of land abutting upon such sidewalk, who may be a resident of the City, in the manner provided by law for the service of summons in civil actions. For the purposes of such service, if the owner of any such property is not a resident of the City, any person charged with the collection of rent, or the payment of taxes on such property, or having control thereof in any way, shall be regarded as the agent of the owner, and service upon such person shall have the same force and effect as though personal service were made upon the owner thereof. If it appears that the owner is a nonresident, or that neither such owner nor agent can be found, publication of a copy of the resolution at least once in a newspaper of general circulation in the City shall be deemed sufficient notice to such owner. 
(Ord. 39-17.  Passed 6-18-2018.)