General Provisions
   155.01   Purpose and intent of chapter
   155.02   Applicability
   155.03   Definitions
   155.04   Amendments
   155.05   Flag lots
Procedures for Securing Approval of Subdivision Plans
   155.10   Intent
   155.11   Procedural outline
   155.12   Review of preliminary subdivision plan
   155.13   Review of final subdivision plan and plat
   155.14   Minor subdivision approval
   155.15   Recording of final plat
Required Submittals
   155.20   Purpose
   155.21   Required submittals for preliminary plan
   155.22   Required submittals for final plat
   155.23   Surety for improvements
   155.30   General
   155.31   Monuments
   155.32   Potable water supply
   155.33   Sanitary wastewater
Vacating of Plats, Replats, and Correction of Errors
   155.40   Vacating of plats
   155.41   Replats and resubdivision
   155.42   Corrective plats
   155.43   Vacating of rights-of-way and easements
   155.44   Time limit
Legal Status
   155.50   Interpretation
   155.51   False representations
   155.52   Effective date
Forms of Agreement and Letter of Credit
   155.61   Cash escrow agreement
   155.62   Developer's cash escrow agreement
   155.63   Irrevocable letter of credit
   155.64   [Reserved.]
   155.65   Subdivision improvements performance surety bond
   155.66   Subdivision improvements maintenance surety bond
   155.99   Penalty
   Appendix A:   Street system regulations
   Appendix B:   Off-street parking, loading, and unloading
   Appendix C:   Stormwater management regulations
   Appendix D:   Public utilities
   Appendix E:   Fire prevention regulations
   Appendix F:   Borrow pits
   Appendix G:   Swimming pool regulations
   Appendix H:   Vested rights
   Appendix I:   Sign Code
   Appendix J:   Transportation guidelines
   Enforcement of requirements, see § 154.07
   General provisions applying throughout land development code, see §§ 154.01 through 154.06
   Variances, see § 154.06(A)