§ 154.01 PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this land development code is to establish standards, procedures, and minimum requirements to regulate and control the platting of lands and the development of real estate in the city, and to coordinate and integrate the development review process of the city land use plan and the city's platting process, in an effort to, among other things, ensure proper legal description, identification, monumentation, and recording of real estate boundaries; aid in the coordination of land development throughout the city in accordance with the city's land use plan; discourage haphazard, premature, uneconomic, or scattered land development; ensure safe and convenient traffic control; encourage development of an economically stable and healthful community; ensure adequate utilities; provide improved drainage and water control facilities; provide open spaces for recreation; ensure land development with installation of adequate and necessary physical improvements; ensure that the citizens and taxpayers of the city will not have to bear the costs resulting from the haphazard development of land; and ensure to the purchaser of land within a subdivision that necessary improvements have been installed. It is the intent of the city that, to the extent permitted by law all future development orders and permits, both for new and existing projects, shall comply with the requirements of this code.
(Ord. 241, passed 11-27-85)