(A)   Purpose. The purpose of the preliminary subdivision plan is to provide complete and accurate presentation of technical data and preliminary engineering drawings in a manner as to allow complete review and evaluation of the proposed development and its impact upon both the site and the surrounding areas.
   (B)   Initiation point. All copies of submittals must be made to the city.
   (C)   Submittals. All submittals shall be as required by § 155.21.
   (D)   Fees. All fees for preliminary subdivision plan review, as adopted from time to time by resolution of the City Commission, must be paid to the city at the time the submittal is made.
   (E)   Review process. Each preliminary subdivision plan shall be subjected to a standard review process as outlined below:
      (1)   Following review of the preliminary plan and other material submitted for conformity to the comprehensive plan and this chapter, and negotiations with the subdivider on changes deemed advisable and the kind and extent of improvements to be made by him, the City Commission shall act on the materials as submitted or modified. The City Commission shall approve, disapprove, or approve with conditions the subdivision plan.
      (2)   Approval or conditional approval of a preliminary subdivision plan shall not constitute approval of the final subdivision plan or plat. Rather, it shall be deemed an expression of approval as to the layout submitted on the preliminary plan. The final subdivision plan must substantially adhere to the layout in the preliminary subdivision plan.
      (3)   Any variances to Chapter 155 and its appendices are subject to the review process outlined in § 154.06(A)(1)-(5).
   (F)   Time limit on approval. A final subdivision plan shall be submitted within six months after the preliminary subdivision plan approval.
(Ord. 241, passed 11-27-85; Am. Ord. 598, passed 4-16-92; Am. Ord. 641, passed 5-20-93; Am. Ord. 1089, passed 5-15-03)