General Provisions
   51.01   Each structure to have separate connection; exceptions
   51.02   Operating procedures generally
   51.03   Fees
   51.04   Failure to repair leaks
   51.05   Lines to become property of town
   51.06   Water main extensions
   51.07   Deep wells
   51.08   Fire hydrants
   51.09   No dead-end water lines
   51.10   Irrigation meters
Data to be Submitted by Developer
   51.20   Standards for construction
   51.21   Drawings and specifications
   51.22   Right-of-way agreements or easements
   51.23   Performance bond
   51.24   Permits, licenses and taxes
   51.25   Developer’s responsibility for work
Rates and Charges
   51.35   Application for service
   51.36   Utilities rates and connection fees
   51.37   Meters
   51.38   Billing date; past due date; penalty for late payment; penalty for returned check; disconnection of service for nonpayment
   51.39   Reconnection of water services
   51.40   Redevelopment disconnection fee
   51.41   Billing adjustments
   51.42   System development fee
Water Conservation
   51.50   Declaration
   51.51   When declared
   51.52   Notice to general public of water shortage
   51.53   Compliance required in the event of a water shortage
   51.54   Restrictions applicable to various well static levels
   51.55   Compliance