(A)   Application for service shall be accepted on proof of ownership for each unit and the payment of current system development fees which permanently apply to the specific location and are not transferable to other property. The meter shall be installed upon the payment of the applicable system development fees, tap fees, unless previously paid by the developer of the subdivision, and surety deposit accompanied by currently required septic permits, current survey and other applicable building permits. System development fees (SDF) are not accepted unless accompanied by a building permit.
   (B)   A surety deposit of an amount adopted and amended, from time to time, by the Board of Commissioners and kept on file in the Town Clerk’s office shall be required of each owner before utilities service is extended to the property of any person.
   (C)   When property being served by the town’s utilities system is sold, the surety deposit, less any outstanding bill, shall be returned to the seller. The new owner shall pay the deposit required by the utilities rates fee schedule. Notification of transfer of ownership is required in writing and charges begin with the closing date of the sale, if closing date has passed then date of notification.
   (D)   Any SDF ( previously IHF) on file after September 14, 2009 is eligible for a refund of any credit balance of the SDF that was not used due to an approved revision to the site plan within 18 months of the issuance of the building permit or no later than occupancy if occupancy occurs before the expiration of the 18 months immediately following issuance of the building permit.
(Ord. passed - -; Am. Ord. 09-14, passed 9-14-09; Am. Ord. 12-14, passed 5-23-12; Am. Ord. 16-16, passed 6-11-18)