All new in-ground irrigation systems which are served by the town water system on lots platted and recorded in the office of the Dare County Register of Deeds after July 1, 2009 shall be independently connected to the water system through a separate irrigation meter.
   (A)   Methods of connection. All new irrigation system service connections will be installed by a direct tap into the water main. This connection shall be performed by the Public Services Department.
   (B)   Technical and other requirements.
      (1)   All irrigation service connections, the irrigation meter and all related appurtenances shall be installed in accordance with the same regulations, policies and procedures that apply to all service connections.
      (2)   Irrigation meters shall not be used for any other domestic purpose.
   (C)   Fees and charges.
      (1)   Shall be established by the Board of Commissioners.
      (2)   System development fees shall be waived for new irrigation system connections, only.
(Ord. 09-17, passed 10-12-09; Am. Ord. 13-2, passed 2-11-13; Am. Ord. 16-16, passed 6-11-18)