(A)   Until final written acceptance of a project by the town, the developer shall have the charge and care thereof and shall take every precaution against injury or damage to any part thereof due to the action of the elements or from any other cause, whether arising from the execution or from the nonexecution of the work. The developer shall rebuild, repair, restore and make good all injuries or damages to any portion of the work occasioned by any of the above causes before final acceptance and shall bear the expense thereof.
   (B)   In case of suspension of work from any cause whatever, the developer shall be responsible for the project and shall take such precautions as may be necessary to prevent damage to the project, provide for drainage and shall erect any necessary temporary structures, signs or other facilities at the developer’s expense.
   (C)   No lines shall be covered without authorization by the Utilities Division, nor shall new lines be turned on without final approval by the town.
(Ord. passed - - ; Am. Ord. 12-14, passed 5-23-12)