(A)   Each individual business or new residential building or structure shall have a separate connection to the town water supply system. This requirement shall not apply to cottage courts or similar businesses under one ownership and operated as one business, where such business has several structures situated upon the business plot or tract of land all under one ownership.
   (B)   Application for utilities service shall be submitted in the name of the owner or, if more than one structure is located on the lot or parcel of land, then in the name of each owner of a structure or condominium unit to be served.
   (C)   Replacement structures, and upgrades of existing structures in excess of 50% of the ad valorem tax value of the structure, not currently on the water supply system shall be required to connect to the system if service is available.
   (D)   The town's responsibility for maintenance ends at the connection to the customer's service line.
   (E)   All meters, associated valves and valve boxes are property of the town. Only town employees are authorized to service, repair or operate these fixtures.
(Ord. passed - -)