Supplemental Zoning Requirements
1137.01   Nonconforming uses declared; general requirements.
1137.02   Abandonment of nonconforming use.
1137.03   Prior permit validity; time limits for completion of building.
1137.04   Establishing setback line on property in use.
1137.05   Yard obstructions and fences.
1137.06   Off-street parking facilities.
1137.07   Loading space.
1137.08   Private garages in residential districts; permit and fee for portable accessory buildings
1137.09   Public garages in residential buildings.
1137.10   Public garages, repair shops and filling stations.
1137.11   Driveways and parking lots.
1137.12   Satellite ground stations; provision within residential districts.
1137.13   Satellite ground stations; provisions within nonresidential districts.
1137.14   Street numbers required.
1137.15   Radio and television antennas and/or antenna towers.
1137.16   Screening of service/mechanical equipment.
1137.17   Temporary portable structures for nonresidential use.
1137.18   Model homes in residential districts.
1137.19   Portable storage units.
1137.20   Dumpsters.
1137.21   Collection bins.
1137.99   Penalty.
   Two-year abandonment of nonconforming use - see Ohio R.C. 713.15
   Nonconforming use defined - see P. & Z. 1131.03(37)
   Appeals and variance granting by Board of Zoning Appeals - see P. & Z. 1133.02
   Zoning districts and regulations - see P. & Z. Ch. 1135
   Windows and ventilation - see BLDG. 1341.07