Subject to the provisions of this section, a use of land or building, existing at the time of the enactment of this chapter, may be continued even though such use does not conform with the provisions of these regulations for the district in which it is located.
   (a)   No enlargement or expansion shall be permitted except as approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals.
   (b)   Except by variance granted by the Board, no building arranged, designed and devoted to a nonconforming use and conducted without abandonment as stated in Section 1137.02 may be reconstructed, structurally altered or enlarged in any lawful manner, or extended so as to increase floor space over that existing, unless the use of the building is changed to conforming use.
   (c)   If any nonconforming structure or use is, by any cause, damaged to the extent of fifty percent (50%) of its value as determined by the Building Inspector, it shall not thereafter be reconstructed as such.
(Ord. C79-74. Passed 1-20-75; Ord. C37-99. Passed 7-6-99.)
   (d)   Nothing in this chapter shall prevent the use of presently subdivided, nonconforming lots for purposes approved in Chapter 1135.
(Ord. C48-78. Passed 8-21-78.)
   (e)   The Board may provide, upon appeal from a refusal of issuance of a permit by the Building Inspector for completion, restoration, reconstruction, extension or substitution of any nonconforming use.
(Ord. C79-74. Passed 1-20-75.)