Unless otherwise approved by Council: a) service/mechanical equipment shall be screened in all zoning districts; b) all roof mounted service/mechanical equipment shall be fully screened on all four sides, with a height to exceed the installed equipment, by raising the parapet around the top of the building.  Screening design and material shall be architecturally compatible with the remainder of the building.  Placement of all non-roof mounted mechanical equipment shall comply with Section 1136.08 of the Codified Ordinances.
   For the purposes of this Section, service/mechanical equipment shall include, but not be limited to: propane tanks, loading docks, storage tanks, dumpsters, electrical transformers, utility vaults which extend above the surface, air conditioners/cooling towers, heat pumps, roof-top units and other equipment or elements providing service to a building or a site.
(Ord. C29-00. Passed 5-1-00.)