(a)   A Certificate of Appropriateness shall be obtained for temporary portable structures. A temporary portable structure as defined herein shall refer to structures in excess of 100 square feet not intended for residential use. Furthermore structures as defined in this section do not include tents (see 1301.03 for definition of a tent). To obtain a permit the following requirements shall be submitted to the Building Division a minimum of 30 days prior to locating a temporary portable structure on any lot:
      (1)   Site plan.
      (2)   Floor plan(s).
      (3)   Elevation of the proposed building.
      (4)   Color photographs of all 4 sides of the structure(s) and photographs taken from the main structure toward property and adjacent buildings.
      (5)   Materials samples/manufacturer's literature.
      (6)   Points of ingress and egress.
      (7)   Lighting detail.
      (8)   Building setback lines and easements.
      (9)   Additions or deletions to parking.
      (10)   Landscape additions or deletions.
      (11)   Show any portable restrooms.
      (12)   A descriptive narrative at least a paragraph long discussing the extent of the project. Included in the narrative shall be hours of operation and length of time that the temporary structure will be in use.
   (b)   Additional requirements for temporary portable structures:
      (1)   Temporary portable structures hours of operation shall not exceed 9:00 p.m.
      (2)   Site lighting shall be turned off no later than 9 p.m.
      (3)   Sales trailers for new home sites shall be permitted for a period not to exceed one calendar year.
      (4)   Portable restrooms used in conjunction with sales or construction trailers must be maintained on a regular basis.
      (5)   Areas surrounding the temporary portable structure must be kept clean of debris and maintained in a neat an orderly fashion.
   (c)   Any person whose application for a Certificate of Appropriateness has been denied by the Chief building and Zoning Official may appeal such decision by filing an appeal with the Board of Zoning Appeals within thirty (30) days of such denial. The appeal shall be in the form of a written notice of appeal on forms provided for that purpose by the Board which must be fully completed and contain all materials required pursuant to Section 1133.05. The appeal shall follow the procedures set forth in Chapter 1133. (Ord. C-21-16.  Passed 3-21-16.)
(Ord. C25-03.  Passed 4-21-03)