(a)   As used in this section, Model Homes are defined as a residential structure used by a licensed homebuilder/developer, real estate worker or realtor to demonstrate construction, display built-in amenities and color selection charts to prospective homebuyers and to promote sale or lease of housing units. The home may be staffed and furnished.
   (b)   A certificate of appropriateness shall be obtained for all model homes. To obtain a certificate of appropriateness the following requirements the following requirements shall be submitted by application to the Building Division in conjunction with the building permit application.
      (1)   Lighting detail.
      (2)   Additions or deletions to parking.
      (3)   Landscape additions or deletions.
      (4)   Zoning restrictions for the property.
      (5)   Hours of operation.
      (6)   Number of employees who will be on site.
   (c)   Additional requirements for model homes shall include:
      (1)   The home must be integrated into the residential character of the neighborhood with external lighting approved on a case-by-case basis. No exterior lighting other than usual customary residential lighting shall be permitted at the model home after 9:00 p.m.
      (2)   The home shall be approved for a limited duration not to exceed five years for models in a new subdivision and not to exceed two (2) years in developed or mature neighborhoods. Extensions of the duration of model homes may be permitted by formal written request submitted to the Zoning Official. The Zoning Official shall consider the same criteria in approving extensions as is prescribed for initial applications.
      (3)   Model homes shall be identified by no more than one sign in compliance with the Chapter 1145.
         A.   Model home signage shall be removed when the model is no longer maintained as the original intended use.
         B.   Model home signage may only consist of ground signage.
   (d)   Any person whose application for a certificate of appropriateness has been denied by the Chief Building and Zoning Official may appeal such decision by filing an appeal with the Board of Zoning Appeals within thirty (30) days of such denial. The appeal shall be in the form of a written notice of appeal on forms provided for that purpose by the Board which must be fully completed and contain all materials required pursuant to Section 1133.05. The appeal shall follow the procedures set forth in Chapter 1133.  (Ord. C21-16.  Passed 3-21-16.)
(Ord. C26-03.  Passed 4-21-03.)