Rules and Regulations
   54.01   Regulations and rates to be posted in utility office and filed with Public Service Commission
   54.02   Initiation of water service; deposit
   54.03   Consumer’s water system design requirements and operating regulations
   54.04   Billing procedure; discontinuance for nonpayment
   54.05   Inaccessible or inaccurate meters
   54.06   Multi-family residences
   54.07   Nonmetered water
   54.08   Discontinuance of service
   54.09   Rights granted to North Dearborn Water Corporation
Rates and Charges
   54.20   Obligation to impose rates and charges
   54.21   Water rates and charges; to provide reasonable return on investment
   54.22   Schedule of rates and charges
   54.23   Overdue bills; collection charge
   54.24   Rates and charges to be sufficient in lieu of taxes and to provide reasonable return on investment
   54.25   Responsibility for rates and charges
   Electric Utility, see Ch. 51
   Sewers, see Ch. 53
   Solid Waste, see Ch. 52