(A)   Persons desiring water service may make application therefor as follows.
      (1)   Where no main extension required. Persons desiring water service which does not require an extension to the distribution system of the municipal water utility shall make application for the service on forms prescribed by the City Council available in the office of the water utility. Deposits as hereinafter provided may accompany the application.
      (2)   Where main extension is required. Persons desiring water service which requires an extension to the distribution system of the water utility must petition the Board of Public Works and Safety for the service, and file the petition in the office of the water utility. The Board of Public Works and Safety shall take action on the petition in accordance with the rules as hereinafter provided, and notify the petitioner of the action taken.
         (a)   A petitioner for water main extensions shall enter into an agreement with the city, acting by and through its Board of Public Works and Safety, and deposit with the water utility the estimated cost of the main extensions before the water utility will proceed with the installation of the extension. The estimated cost shall include all pipe, pipe fittings, and valves.
         (b)   The water utility shall install the main. When the actual cost of the work has been determined, the water utility shall refund to the petitioner the difference between the estimated cost and the actual cost, if the former is greater. If the actual cost is greater than the deposit, the petitioner shall deposit the difference with the utility. Alternatively, the developer may install the main, but the developer shall be required to secure all IDEM permits and construct the main to city specifications.
         (c)   No free main extensions may be provided by the water utility, nor may any expenditures be made therefor from the Special Waterworks Utility Fund which would cause the balance in the Fund to fall below $25,000, for so long as the waterworks improvement bonds issued pursuant to § 50.05 remain outstanding.
         (d)   The mains constructed to the water utility distribution system shall become the property of the utility upon installation.
   (B)   The water utility will locate the point to which service connection will be made, and will furnish and run service pipe to the curb line, inside line of sidewalk, or the customer’s property line, whichever in the judgment of the utility will provide the most convenient, safest, and satisfactory location for curb stop and service box. The water utility shall require from all applicants for service a cash deposit, equal to the billing for the estimated amount of service to be used by the applicant for a period of 60 days, as a guarantee against the nonpayment of bills for service. However, if the applicant is the owner of real property whose credit is approved by the water utility, the water utility shall waive the cash deposit. The cash deposit minus any unpaid amounts for service rendered the customer shall be returned upon the discontinuance of service.
(1985 Code, § 6-4-2) (Ord. 1-1959, passed 2-9-1959; Ord. 1A-1959, passed - -1959; Ord. 2018-10, passed 11-14-2018)