(A)   Connection to and use of the water utility’s supply and distribution system is governed by the following requirements and regulations.
      (1)   Shut-off valve required. Each applicant for water service shall furnish and have a shut-off valve installed inside each building or tenement to control the flow of water inside the building in case repairs are to be made on the plumbing of the building or tenement.
      (2)   Boilers and other hazards. In all cases where services are connected directly to boilers, other hot water fixtures and other hazards, likely to cause a back-pressure, a backflow preventer must be placed in the service pipes. All damage caused to city facilities shall be paid for by the customer.
      (3)   Auxiliary water supplies. Whenever the utility water supply is in any manner connected to an auxiliary water supply, water tank, fire protection sprinkler system, or any other pipes or tanks not under direct supervision of the utility or its personal representative, the connection shall be made in accordance with all regulations governing same as set out by IDEM and International Building/Fire Codes, and shall be subject to written approval by the water utility. The water utility shall have authority to enforce all regulations by disconnecting water service to customers who do not comply fully with the rules and regulations.
      (4)   Obstruction or tampering with distribution system prohibited. No person may cover up or in any way interfere with any curb box, valve box, or hydrant, and will be held responsible for any damages done. Consumers are positively forbidden from turning the water on or off at any service pipe at the curb stop. Water utility personnel shall furnish turn-on and turn-off service to all customers as requested but the water utility shall charge a fee for the service where circumstances warrant. No person other than an authorized waterworks employee shall at any time operate any valves on the water distribution system of the water utility. The service shall be furnished by water utility personnel.
      (5)   Access to premises for inspection required. A representative delegated for the purpose by the water utility must have free access at all reasonable hours to all parts of the premises to which water is delivered for the purpose of inspection and examination of all pipes and fixtures.
   (B)   The municipal water utility shall not be liable for damages caused by defective piping and appliances on the customer’s premises.
(1985 Code, § 6-4-3) (Ord. 1-1959, passed 2-9-1959; Ord. 1A-1959, passed - -1959)