(A)   The water utility reserves the right to render estimated monthly and/or quarterly water bills to any and all customers based on the average monthly use of the customers, when, after reasonable effort has been made to gain access to the water meter for the purpose of reading same to ascertain the water service charge on the meter, the meter reading could not be obtained. Payment of the estimated water bills does not in any way restrict the right of the water utility to render corrected water bills covering the period of time included in the estimated bills and to collect the proper amounts as shown by a subsequent reading of the meters, less the amount paid on the estimated bills by the customer. If the amount paid on estimated bills exceeds the proper amount as computed from a subsequent reading of the meter or by negotiation, then a proper credit or refund shall be given the customer involved.
(1985 Code, § 6-4-5)
   (B)   Whenever it is discovered that a meter is not recording correctly, adjustment shall be made covering the inaccuracy in accordance with applicable rules and standards of the Public Service Commission as may be in force and effect from time to time.
(1985 Code, § 6-4-6)
(Ord. 1-1959, passed 2-9-1959; Ord. 1A-1959, passed - -1959)