General Provisions
   53.01   Definitions
   53.02   General regulations; sewer connection required
   53.03   Private sewage disposal systems
Connection, Use, and Discharge of Wastes
   53.15   Connection permit and fee; costs of installation; indemnification of city
   53.16   Building sewer design and construction requirements
   53.17   Discharges limited to storm/combined sewers
   53.18   Prohibited discharges
   53.19   Regulation of discharges; powers of Superintendent
   53.20   Exercise of Superintendent’s discretionary powers; procedure
   53.21   Measurement and testing of industrial wastes
   53.22   Managing wastewater flows; existing customers and wholesale customers
   53.23   Capacity certificates
Rates and Charges
   53.35   Definitions
   53.36   Rates based on volumetric water usage; minimum charge
   53.37   Special contract services
   53.38   Use of water not discharged to sewage system; rate adjustment
   53.39   Residential users summer sprinkling credit
   53.40   Billing procedure
   53.41   Annual rate review
   53.42   Bylaws and regulations
Administration and Enforcement
   53.55   Authority to inspect sewer installations; property access; indemnity
   53.56   Special agreement to accept prohibited or regulated wastes
   53.57   Enforcement procedure; violations
   53.58   Interlocal agreements
   53.59   Preservation of existing agreements with private sewer users