Editor’s note:
   Many of the sections set forth in this Chapter 50 have analogous or corresponding sections set forth in Chapter 51 of this code. Since the content of the two chapters closely overlap, the reader should also refer to Chapter 51 while referencing this Chapter 50.
General Provisions
   50.001   Definitions
   50.002   Public Works Department; duties; Public Works Director
   50.003   Authority of Public Works Director to make decisions
   50.004   Water and Wastewater Division duties
   50.005   Ownership of main extension, service pipes and appurtenant equipment
   50.006   Shutoff valves
   50.007   Obstruction of water system
   50.008   Tampering with and damaging water system
   50.009   Only authorized persons to turn on water
   50.010   Unauthorized possession, sale or fabrication of Water and Wastewater Division keys or hydrant wrench
   50.011   Fire hydrants; generally; purpose and use
   50.012   Fire hydrants; obstructing access; unlawful use; tampering with or injuring
   50.013   General construction water; from fire hydrants; un-metered water to be estimated
   50.014   Interruption of service
   50.015   Street Works; utility relocation, notice to Water and Wastewater Division
   50.016   Condemned buildings
   50.017   Protection of water supply and sewerage systems
   50.018   Water and/or sewer main restrictions
   50.019   Hydrant and/or meter restrictions
   50.020   Restoration of permitted improvements
   50.021   Restoration of paved areas
   50.022   Water and Wastewater Division; right of entry for inspection; credentials
   50.023   Duty of other town departments to aid Water and Wastewater Division
   50.024   Construction of paving districts
   50.025   Permit required for consumer to supply water to others
   50.026   Waste of water; failure of consumer to make repairs to pipes, valves and fixtures
   50.027   Rules and regulations; authority of Director
   50.028   Rules and regulations to apply outside of town; exception
Main Extensions and Construction
   50.045   Connections with distribution system
   50.046   Construction; ownership and maintenance
   50.047   Policy of town generally
   50.048   Extensions in subdivisions, single lot, sublot developments and all other developments
   50.049   Construction water through metered service connections; rates
   50.050   Repayments; mains by developers (approach mains)
   50.051   Engineering costs; inspection of construction
Service Connections
   50.070   Connection to water mains required
   50.071   Building to have separate service connections; exceptions
   50.072   Unauthorized connection with water mains
   50.073   Application for service generally; information required
   50.074   Service and materials to be property of Water and Wastewater Division; consumer to pay for damages
   50.075   Service connection on existing mains
   50.076   Developers to install service connections on new mains in new subdivisions
   50.077   Connection of existing service to new main
   50.078   Changes to existing service connection
   50.079   Service pipes; location
   50.080   Service pipes; excavations under sidewalk, installation
   50.081   Special connections for fire prevention services; installation and fees; use
   50.082   Service connection fees
   50.100   Services to be metered
   50.101   Location of meters
   50.102   Resetting of meters inside buildings
   50.103   Cost of changing size of meter or service
   50.104   Removal of meters
   50.105   Replacement of meters
   50.106   Maintenance and repair; consumer to pay for damages
   50.107   Testing meter accuracy
Deposits, Rates, Billing Procedures and Miscellaneous Charges
   50.120   Guarantee and service deposits
   50.121   Return of deposits
   50.122   Method of developing a water quantity charge
   50.123   Monthly water rates
   50.124   Meter charges
   50.125   Effluent charges
   50.126   Town government; charges
   50.127   Charges to service applicant or customer
   50.128   Drinking fountains, toilets and other fixtures
   50.129   Charges when meter fails to register correctly or unable to be read
   50.130   Charges for use of more than one meter
   50.131   Fire hydrant meter; deposit, charges, monthly service charge and water rates; fire flow tests
   50.132   Unapproved water use and/or removal of seals from fire prevention system
   50.133   Charges for service lines and meter installations
   50.134   Taps for water main extensions
   50.135   Water main shutdown; charges
   50.136   Irrigation meter
   50.137   Discontinuance of service
   50.138   Activation or reactivation of water service
   50.139   Change of occupancy
   50.140   Continuity of service
   50.141   Minimum charge and miscellaneous charges
   50.142   Service establishment charge
   50.143   Service reestablishment charge
   50.144   Service relocation charge
   50.145   Meter reading, billing and collecting
   50.146   Accounts generally; notices’ house numbers to be correct
   50.147   Unpaid bills at previous location
   50.148   Water service to tenants
   50.149   Unregistered or un-assessed water
   50.150   Miscellaneous charge for water
   50.151   Discontinuance of service; on order of customer
   50.152   Resumption of service
Drought Management Response Procedure
   50.170   Scope
   50.171   Declaration of policy
   50.172   Authorization
   50.173   Application
   50.174   Water use reduction stages
   50.175   Stage 1; water alert
   50.176   Stage 2; water warning
   50.177   Stage 3; water emergency
   50.178   Stage 4; water crisis
   50.179   Water use reduction implementation
Backflow Prevention
   50.195   Declaration of policy; authorization
   50.196   Cross connections from or to source of water supply other than that of town
   50.197   Responsibility for backflow prevention control
   50.198   Backflow prevention methods
   50.199   Remedies
   50.999   Penalty