Editor’s note:
   Many of the sections set forth in this Chapter 51 have analogous or corresponding sections set forth in Chapter 50 of this code. Since the content of the two chapters closely overlap, the reader should also refer to Chapter 50 while referencing this Chapter 51.
General Provisions
   51.001   Definitions
   51.002   Water and Wastewater Division; administration
   51.003   Water and Wastewater Division; duties of Public Works Director
   51.004   Interference with Water and Wastewater Division; digging up streets without a permit; tampering with equipment prohibited
   51.005   Property owner responsible for cleaning, repair and replacement of building sewer and connections
   51.006   Sewer service line repair and replacement in public right-of-way
   51.007   Protection of water supply and sewerage systems
   51.008   Violation
   51.009   Enforcement
Use of Public Sewers and Limitations
   51.025   Unsanitary disposal of excrement prohibited
   51.026   Treatment of polluted wastes required
   51.027   General user requirements
   51.028   Authority of the Director to establish prohibitions and effluent limitations
   51.029   Preliminary treatment; required approval
   51.030   Preliminary treatment; maintenance of facilities
   51.031   Interceptors required
   51.032   Interceptors; type, capacity, location
   51.033   Interceptors; construction of grease and oil interceptors
   51.034   Interceptors; maintenance
   51.035   Control manholes
   51.036   Right of entry for inspection
   51.037   Discharges to be reported
   51.038   Tests and analyses
   51.039   Approval by Town Engineer and Director required
Sewer Extensions
   51.055   Construction and ownership of public sewer lines and other equipment maintained by Water and Wastewater Division
   51.056   Main sewer extension policy for areas beyond present town trunk lines
   51.057   Costs of extension
   51.058   Ownership
   51.059   Sewer extensions in advance of a sewer assessment district
   51.060   Private sewage systems; construction and maintenance within town prohibited generally
   51.061   Private sewerage systems; when permitted; to be constructed and maintained in sanitary manner
Connections to Public Sewer and Charges
   51.075   Permit required
   51.076   Application for sewer tap; sewer dye test
   51.077   Public Works Director to approve design, quantity, location, size and construction sewer services
   51.078   Special provisions for installing taps in new subdivisions and developments
   51.079   Records to be kept by Water and Wastewater Division
   51.080   Installation of sewer taps
Sewer Service Charges
   51.095   Minimum charges, rates and payments
   51.096   Other sewer service charges
   51.097   Sewer service charges outside the town
   51.098   Quail Run sewer extension development fee
   51.099   Payment of bills and charges
   51.100   Application for service
   51.101   Financial responsibility deposits
   51.102   Risk deposits
   51.103   Distribution of sewerage system revenues and utilization
Haulage of Non-Hazardous Liquid Wastes
   51.120   Prohibition on wastes from industrial sites discharged to POTW by truck, rail or dedicated pipeline
   51.121   Permit required
   51.122   Exemption
   51.123   Authority of the Director; permitee limitations and requirements
   51.124   Mixing of non-hazardous liquid waste
   51.125   Hazardous liquid waste
   51.126   Non-hazardous liquid waste fees
   51.127   Acceptance of non-hazardous liquid waste
Industrial Users and Pretreatment Requirements
   51.140   Reserved
   51.999   Penalty