Grading and Drainage
   EDITOR'S NOTE: Reference should also be made to Chapter 23 of the Dwelling House Code (see Chapter 1303 herein).
1389.01   Grading permit required.
1389.02   Permit application; fee; inspection; revocation.
1389.03   Water accumulations prohibited; correction required.
1389.04   Discharge of nonpolluted waters into sanitary sewers; notice to disconnect.
1389.05   Discharge of storm waters into storm sewers.
1389.99   Penalty.
   Removal of putrid substances from lots - see GEN. OFF. 521.05
   Sewers and sewage - see S. & P. S. Ch. 931
   Water - see S. & P. S. Ch. 939
   Lot surface drainage - see P. & Z. 1109.05(b)(2)E.
   Grade differences - see P. & Z. 1137.07