Grade differences on lots within the City shall conform to the following:
   A.   Where a lot abuts on two (2) or more streets of different average established grades, the higher of such grades shall control only for a depth of one hundred twenty (120) feet, measured at right angles, from the street line of the higher street.
   B.   On a corner lot, the height shall be measured from the average established grade, or from the average finished grade at the building line, if higher, on the street of greatest width, or, if two (2) or more such streets are the same width, from the highest of such grades.  The height limitations controlled by the wider street shall govern for a distance of one hundred twenty (120) feet measured at right angles from such wider street, except on parts of such one hundred twenty (120) feet as may be within a district where the heights of  buildings are more restricted.
(Ord. 98-176.  Passed 8-3-98.)