(a)   A grading permit shall be required if any of the following apply:
      (1)   When any change in grade of more than six inches is made on any parcel of property;
      (2)   When any drainage pattern is changed or modified, altering or modifying discharge points and/or altering or shaping slopes to alter, change or modify flow of water or sheet flow discharge of water onto adjoining properties or onto public or private rights of way or easements or the property on which any of such alterations, changing or modification is being done.
   (b)   Such grading permit shall remain in effect for 120 days unless sooner revoked. Grading permits shall not be required if the grading is provided for pursuant to a subdivider's agreement and bond or is covered by site work included in a building permit application, which site plan grading has been approved by the City Engineer prior to issuance of the building permit.
(Ord. 88-253. Passed 9-6-88.)