Purchasing Procedures
   33.01   Purchasing agent; designation
   33.02   Purchasing agent; powers
   33.03   Requests for quotes with budget approved funding
   33.04   Requests for quotes without budget approved funding
   33.05   Purchases between $50,000 and $150,000
   33.06   Purchases of $150,000 or more
   33.07   Invitations for bids
   33.08   Protection of offers; public records status
   33.09   Received offers
   33.10   Discussions with offerors
   33.11   Opening of offers; rescheduling
   33.12   Evidence of financial responsibility
   33.13   Use of RFP for certain purchases
   33.14   Contract modification
   33.15   Supplies manufactured in the U.S.
   33.16   Purchase of services
   33.17   Contracting with relatives of elected officials
   33.18   Emergency and special purchases
Internal Control Standards
   33.20   Internal control policy
Records Retention Schedule
   33.25   Financial records
   33.26   Copies of CTGRS schedule
Town Credit Cards
   33.40   Authorization
   33.41   Cards for supervisors
   33.42   Cards for Marshal, deputies, and firefighters
   33.43   Retention of credit cards
   33.44   Authority to obtain cards
   33.45   Payment claims; documentation
   33.46   Interest and penalties; user responsibility
   33.47   Annual fee
Identity Theft Prevention Program
   33.50   Statement of purpose
   33.51   Contact information
   33.52   Identifying relevant red flags
   33.53   Detecting red flags
   33.54   Responding to red flags
   33.55   Personal information security procedures
   33.56   Administration of the program
   33.57   Oversight of service provider arrangements
   33.58   Identity theft prevention program review and approval
Pre-Approved Payment of Claims
   33.60   Types of expenses eligible for pre- approval
   33.61   Itemized invoices required
   33.62   Council review
   33.75   Accident report copy
   33.76   Criminal records check
   33.77   Criminal case report copy
   33.78   Application for handgun license
   33.79   Videotapes
   33.80   Photographs
   33.81   Fee for copies, facsimile transmissions and copies of audiotapes
   33.82   Fees for the use of credit cards and electronic funds transfers
   33.83   Law enforcement recording copy
   33.90   Cumulative Capital Development Fund
   33.91   Cumulative Firefighting, Building, and Equipment Fund
   33.92   Hazardous Materials Response Fund