Retail, Commercial and Industrial Building
and Property Maintenance Code
1389.01   Purpose.
1389.02   General scope.
1389.03   Definitions.
1389.04   Liability of owner, occupant and operator.
1389.05   Property to be free of nuisances.
1389.06   Buildings and structures.
1389.07   Grounds.
1389.08   Signs.
1389.09   Inspection, enforcement and appeal.
1389.10   Removal of weeds and litter; cost assessment.
1389.11   Cost of City removal.
1389.12   Costs certified to the County Auditor.
1389.13   Notice of violation; legal service.
1389.14   Rules and regulations.
1389.15   Penalty does not preclude other remedial action.   
1389.99   Penalty.