The intent and purpose of this section is to encourage the ongoing care and maintenance of developed or undeveloped property within the City.
   (a)   The owner, occupant or person having charge of management of any property within the City shall maintain that property and/or adjoining right of way in a sanitary manner and shall preserve the health and further the welfare of the residents of the City by cutting and/or destroying any noxious or poisonous weeds.  Vines or grasses exceeding the height of eight inches shall be cut and shall be maintained at a height not exceeding eight inches or lower; further, by removing all accumulations of grass and weed cuttings, litter, garbage, fallen tree branches and other debris, from the property and/or right of way.
   (b)   As used in this section, "litter" includes any garbage, waste peelings, vegetables or fruits, rubbish, ashes, cans, bottles, wire, paper, cartons, boxes, parts of automobiles, tires, wagons, furniture, glass, oil of an unsightly nature, storage of excess building materials or anything else of any unsightly or unsanitary nature. 
(Ord.  1998-070.  Passed 5-12-98.)
   (c)   The Division of Inspections  may give one notice  in writing per year, as provided in Section 1301.18,  to the owner or occupant, firm or corporation having possession or control of the property of the necessity of cutting or cleaning the property and/or the adjoining right of way.  Upon failure to comply with such notice within five  days, the above-mentioned weeds and growth shall be cut or destroyed by the City or its designee, or the litter, garbage, fallen tree branches and other debris shall be removed by the City or its designee and the cost thereof charged to the owner of such land at a rate which shall be just and equitable and which shall be determined by the Director of Public Service and/or the Chief of Division of Inspections/Chief Building Official.  On failure of the owner to pay the cost within thirty days after billing, the cost may be assessed against the land or a civil suit may be instituted at the discretion of the Director of Public Service and/or the Chief of Division of Inspections/Chief Building Official of the City.  Such assessment or civil suit shall be in addition to any other penalty herein provided. 
(Ord. 2015-019.  Passed 3-10-15.)
   (d)   This section does not apply to land being used for municipal buildings or under a construction permit or license.
      (Ord.  1998-070.  Passed 5-12-98.)