1389.01  PURPOSE.
   This chapter establishes minimum uniform maintenance standards applicable to retail, commercial and industrial buildings and property.  It is the intention of Council to establish definitive and practical maintenance regulations.  The enforcement of these regulations shall help to achieve the following goals:
   (a)   Maintain property values and prevent deterioration which if not prevented will have a blighting impact upon property in the area;
   (b)   Prevent deterioration of retail, commercial and industrial property to the point of health, safety and Building Code violations;
   (c)   Encourage the preservation of aesthetic values in accordance with the standard of the community as a whole.  It is further the intention of Council to define and enforce the responsibilities of owners, occupants, operators and resident agents of retail, commercial and industrial property with respect to ongoing maintenance of the buildings and the surrounding grounds in accordance with the standards of maintenance in the community as a whole.
      (Ord. 1991-075.  Passed 3-26-91.)