Culverts and Drains
905.01   Inspections by Director of Public Service.   
905.02   Notice to correct defects.
905.03   Material to be used.
905.04   Installation of new pipe; fee.
905.05   City may install and certify costs if owner fails to comply.
905.06   Compliance required before issuance of building permit.
905.07   Positive surface water drainage required.
905.08   Draining adjacent premises.
905.09   Plan where drainage presumed intense.
905.10   Installation of pipe in ditch line.
905.11   Installation of pipe in ditch at owner's expense.
905.12   Property owner responsible for maintenance of pipe installed in ditch line.
905.99   Penalty.
Notice to remove obstructions from culverts, drains - see GEN. OFF. 521.05
Malicious destruction of property - see GEN. OFF. 541.04, 541.10