If the Director of Public Service determines a drain or culvert to be defective in construction or inadequate in size so as to hinder, stop or interfere with the disposal of excess surface water, the Director is directed to inform the owner or the occupant of the property on which the defective or inadequate drain or culvert is found of the unsatisfactory condition and to make recommendations for replacement, resetting or cleaning the defective drain or culvert, in writing, as the Director may deem necessary.  The Director of Public Service is directed to provide for a reasonable period of time for the owner or occupant of land to correct the defect.  The time limitation shall be included in the written notice.  In the event that the owner or occupant of land fails to correct the defect within the time period specified, then the Director of Public Service shall proceed under the provisions of Sections 905.04 and 905.05 to provide for the correction of the defect.  (Ord. 1970-131.  Passed 10-13-70.)