General Provisions
   54.001   Purpose and policy
   54.002   Administration generally
   54.003   Definitions
   54.004   Bylaws and regulations of Board of Public Works and Safety
   54.005   Damaging sewer works property
   54.006   Privies, septic tanks and cesspools
   54.007   When connection to sewerage system is required
   54.008   Construction of building sewers
   54.009   Permission to connect required
   54.010   Prohibition of discharge to natural outlets
   54.011   Private wells
   54.012   Limitations on point of discharge
   54.013   Confidential information
   54.014   Pretreatment charges and fees
   54.015   Lift stations
   54.016   Low pressure sewer systems
Regulation of Direct and Indirect Discharges
   54.030   Prohibited discharge standards
   54.031   Abnormal waste surcharge
   54.032   National categorical pretreatment standards
   54.033   Local limits
   54.034   Board’s right of revision
   54.035   Dilution
Pretreatment of Wastewater
   54.050   Pretreatment facilities
   54.051   Additional pretreatment measures
   54.052   Accidental discharge/slug control plans
Wastewater Discharge Permit Application
   54.065   Wastewater analysis
   54.066   Wastewater discharge permit requirement
   54.067   Wastewater discharge permitting; existing connections
   54.068   Wastewater discharge permitting; new connections
   54.069   Wastewater discharge permit application contents
   54.070   Application signatories and certification
   54.071   Wastewater discharge permit decisions
Wastewater Discharge Permit Issuance Process
   54.085   Wastewater discharge permit duration
   54.086   Wastewater discharge permit contents
   54.087   Wastewater discharge permit appeals
   54.088   Wastewater discharge permit modification
   54.089   Wastewater discharge permit transfer
   54.090   Wastewater discharge permit revocation
   54.091   Wastewater discharge permit reissuance
   54.092   Regulation of waste received from other jurisdictions
Reporting Requirements
   54.105   Baseline monitoring reports
   54.106   Compliance schedule progress reports
   54.107   Reports on compliance with categorical pretreatment standard deadline
   54.108   Periodic compliance reports
   54.109   Reports of changed conditions
   54.110   Reports of potential problems
   54.111   Reports from unpermitted users
   54.112   Notice of violation/repeat sampling and reporting
   54.113   Notification of the discharge of hazardous waste
   54.114   Analytical requirements
   54.115   Sample collection
   54.116   Timing
   54.117   Record keeping
Compliance Monitoring
   54.130   Right of entry; inspection and sampling
   54.131   Search warrants
Administrative Enforcement Remedies
   54.145   Notification of violation
   54.146   Agreed orders
   54.147   Show cause hearing
   54.148   Compliance orders
   54.149   Cease and desist orders
   54.150   Administrative fines
   54.151   Emergency suspensions
   54.152   Termination of discharge
Sewer Rates
   54.165   Definitions
   54.166   Persons subject to fees and sewer charges
   54.167   Effective date; extension to additional property
   54.168   Rate basis; meter reading schedule
   54.169   Water obtained from sources other than city waterworks
   54.170   One or more lots or dwelling units served by a single meter
   54.171   Portion of water not entering sewage system
   54.172   Swimming pool charge
   54.173   Sprinkling rates
   54.174   Billing procedure
   54.175   Liability for charges
   54.176   Liability of city for charges
   54.177   Sewage charges
   54.178   Delinquent accounts
   54.179   Biennial review
   54.180   Approval of Environmental Protection Agency
   54.999   Penalty