(A)   In the event the control authority excludes a customer from the requirements of § 54.030 of this chapter and the customer discharges abnormal industrial wastes to the public sanitary sewerage system having an average total suspended solids (TSS) content in excess of 300 mg/l and/or an average of five-day BOD in excess of 300 mg/l, the customer shall pay a surcharge based upon the excess strength of his or her wastes.
   (B)   The costs of treatment for each pound of BOD, suspended solids or grease removed by each treatment works shall be reviewed by the city at the end of each fiscal year. If a discrepancy exists between the actual costs as found by the city and the estimated costs, the control authority shall increase or decrease the surcharge rates sufficiently to cover only the projected actual costs for the ensuing year.
   (C)   No reduction in sewerage service charges, fees or taxes will be permitted because of the fact that certain industrial wastes discharged to the public sanitary sewerage system contain less than 300 mg/l of suspended solids or 300 mg/l BOD.
(Prior Code, § 50.20(2.2))