Any person owning or occupying a house or other building for residential, commercial, institutional, governmental or industrial use, located on any property situated within the city and abutting on any street, alley or easement in which there is now located or may in the future be located a public sewer or combined sewer of the city, is required, at his or her expense, to install suitable wastewater facilities therein, and to connect such facilities directly with the proper public sewer in accordance with the provisions of this chapter or any other ordinance, within 90 days after date of official notice to do so; provided that, the public sewer is within 150 feet of the property line. Said persons shall not discharge sewage elsewhere than into the sewage system. Nothing in this section shall be construed to require the connection of any such structure to a sewer if wastewater is not generated in such structure.
(Prior Code, § 50.05)  (Ord. 1983-1, passed 2-15-1983)  Penalty, see § 54.999