§ 54.011  PRIVATE WELLS.
   (A)   Registration of wells. Every owner or occupant of real estate within the corporate limits of the city, or real estate from which there is a lateral sewer or other means or path of direct or indirect flow into the sewerage system, shall, on a form provided by the Board of Public Works and Safety, report the existence of any well to the Superintendent of the Sewer Department. The information furnished on such form by the owner or occupant shall include, among other items, the name of the owner and occupant of such real estate, the location of said real estate of such well, the size of the well pipe, the size (voltage, amperage and horsepower where ascertainable) of the well pump motor, and the purpose for which the well water is used by the owner, occupant or others.
   (B)   Metering of well water. The Board shall determine by any reasonable means, including, but not limited to, the use of water meters and timing devices, the flow of such well in order to determine the amount of sewage entering the sewage system. The owner or occupant of such real estate shall pay for such metering device and backflow device, which shall be of a type approved by the Board, and which shall remain the property of the owner but shall be under the exclusive control of the Board and shall not under any circumstances be tampered with by the owner, occupant or any other person. In the case of wells for household use only the Board may, in lieu of metering or timing the use of the well, provide for use of reasonable estimates regarding water volume.
   (C)   Inspection of wells. The Board may direct the Superintendent, inspector or any other employee to enter upon private property for the purpose of inspecting to determine the existence of private wells, to oversee or to direct the installation of metering or timing devices, and to read such meters and devices.
   (D)   Well digging. A person shall not hereafter dig or drive a well within the city limits without first making application therefor to the Superintendent, which application shall be on a form approved by the Board and shall show all pertinent data regarding size and flow. The application shall be signed by both the installer of the well (the contractor or other person doing the work) and the owner of his or her agent (other than the installer). The failure to file such an application shall be a violation of this subchapter.
(Prior Code, § 50.09)  (Ord. 1983-1, passed 2-15-1983)  (Amended 9-16-2008)  Penalty, see § 54.999