When police escorts are required by the clerk for the safety of the motoring public, the following fees shall be paid by the applicant:
   (1)   To the clerk:  $40 per hour per vehicle based upon the pre-estimated time of the movement to be agreed upon between the clerk and the applicant, with a minimum fee of $80 per vehicle; and
   (2)   To the Illinois State Police: $75 per hour per state police vehicle based upon the actual time of the movement, with a minimum fee of $300 per state police vehicle. The Illinois State Police shall remit the moneys to the State Treasurer, who shall deposit the moneys into the Over Dimensional Load Police Escort Fund.
   The actual time of the movement shall be the time the police escort is required to pick up the movement to the time the movement is completed. Any delays or breakdowns shall be considered part of the movement time. Any fraction of an hour shall be rounded up to the next whole hour.
(ILCS Ch. 625, Act 5, § 15-312) (Am. Ord. 7208, passed 9-23-86)