(A)   The clerk, with respect to highways under his jurisdiction, shall collect a fee from the applicant for the issuance of a permit to operate or move a vehicle or combination of vehicles or load as authorized in § 74.125.  The charge for each permit shall consist of:
      (1)   A service charge for special handling of a permit when requested by an applicant;
      (2)   Fees for any dimension, axle weight, or gross weight in excess of the maximum size or weight specified in this chapter; and
      (3)   Additional fees for special investigations as in § 74.136 and special police escort as in § 74.137 when required.
   (B)   With respect to overweight fees, the charge shall be sufficient to compensate in part for the cost of the extra wear and tear on the mileage of highways over which the load is to be moved.  With respect to overdimension permits, the fee shall be sufficient to compensate in part for the special privilege of transporting oversize vehicle or vehicle combination and load, and to compensate in part for the economic loss of operators of vehicles in regular operation due to the inconvenience occasioned by the oversize movements.
   (C)   Fees to be paid by the applicant are to be at the rates specified in §§ 74.125 through 74.143, and in determining the fees in §§ 74.131 and 74.132(F) all weights shall be to the next highest 1,000 pounds, and all distances shall be as determined from the Illinois official highway map.
   (D)   For repeated moves of like objects which cannot be dismantled or disassembled and which are monolithically structured for permanent use in the transported form, the fees specified in §§ 74.130, 74.131, and 74.132 for other than the first move shall be reduced by $4.00 provided the objects are to be moved from the same origin to the same destination, the number of trips will not be less than five, the trips will be completed within 30 days, and all applications are submitted at one time.  Round trip permits shall be the same as a single trip permit except the fee shall be computed based upon the total distance traveled, and shall be for the same vehicle, vehicle combination or like load traveling both directions over the same route, provided a description including make and model of the equipment being transported is furnished to the department.  Limited continuous operation permits are to be valid for a period of 90 days or one year, and shall be for the same vehicle, vehicle combination, or like load.
(ILCS Ch. 625, Act 5, § 15-302)  (Ord. passed  -  - ; amend. Ord. 7140, passed 8-20-85)