§ 74.127  ISSUANCE FEES.
   Issuance fees for special permits shall be paid by the applicant to the clerk at the following rates:
   (A)   Single trip permits, $5 except for repeated moves of like objects which cannot be dismantled or disassembled, and which are monolithically structured for permanent use in the transported form, in which case the fee shall be $5 for the first trip and $1 for each subsequent trip, provided the objects are to be moved from the same origin to the same destination, the number of trips will not be less than 5, and trips will be completed within 30 days;
   (B)   Round trip permits, $7.50;
   (C)   Limited continuous operation permits are to be valid for a period of 90 days at a rate of $10 unless otherwise stated.
   (D)   When special transmission of permits is requested by an applicant, a service charge in an amount sufficient to defray the cost shall be charged in addition to the issuing fee.
(ILCS Ch. 625, Act 5, § 15-303)