18-101   Application and scope
   18-102   Definitions
   18-103   Application and contract for service
   18-104   Non-refundable service charge
   18-105   Service charges for temporary service
   18-106   Connection charges
   18-107   Water and sewer main line extensions
   18-108   [Reserved]
   18-109   Variances from and effect of preceding rules as to extensions
   18-110   Meters
   18-111   Meter tests
   18-112   Schedule of rates
   18-113   Multiple services through a single meter
   18-114   Billing
   18-115   Discontinuance or refusal of service
   18-116   Re-connection charge
   18-117   Termination of service by customer
   18-118   Access to customers' premises
   18-119   Inspections
   18-120   Customer's responsibility for system's property
   18-121   Customer's responsibility for violations
   18-122   Supply and resale of water
   18-123   Unauthorized use or interference with water supply
   18-124   Limited use of unmetered private fire line
   18-125   Damages to property due to water pressure
   18-126   Liability for cut-off failures
   18-127   Drought contingency plan
   18-128   Interruption of service
   18-129   Disposition of water and sewer revenues
   18-130   Priorities of water and sewer projects
   18-131   Underground utilities
   18-132   Residential grinder pumps
Editor's note:
   On 8-9-2005, pursuant to the authority of T.C.A. § 7-82-202(f), the Catoosa Utility District consolidated with the City of Crossville by the transfer of all of the district's property and obligations to a separate department, the Catoosa Utility Department, within the city. See the following ordinances in the office of the City Clerk: Ord. 1034, authorizing consolidation of the Catoosa Utility District with the city; Ord. 1070 authorizing creation of the Catoosa Utility Department within the city; and Ord. 1047 authorizing an interim operating agreement with the Catoosa Utility District.