House Bill No. 1091 (By Dillon)
   AN ACT to incorporate the City of Crossville, in Cumberland County, Tennessee, including therein the inhabitants of the present Town of Crossville, having the same boundaries as the present Town of Crossville, providing for the taking over of all the properties and assets of the present Town of Crossville, and the assumption of the liabilities of every kind and character of the present Town of Crossville; to prescribe its duties and powers and provide for the election of officers and prescribe their duties.
   Private Acts of 1953, chapter 519 is the present basic charter act of the City of Crossville, Tennessee. The general and permanent amendments to that Act through the 2014 session of the Tennessee General Assembly have been incorporated therein. A table containing a list of the basic charter act and all amendments can be found at the end of the charter. A footnote in that table references private acts of a temporary nature which did not amend the basic charter and private acts which passed the Tennessee General Assembly but were rejected locally.
   When a section of the charter has been amended a historical citation at the end of the section references the private acts from which the amendments derive. Footnotes in appropriate places provide information which aid the reader in the interpretation of the charter or understanding its present structure.
   No changes have been made in the contents of the charter or its amendments incorporated therein except that catchlines and a table of contents have been added to facilitate easy reference.
   It is important to note that this is a careful but unofficial compilation of the charter.
   I.   Incorporation
   II.   Boundaries and Wards
   III.   Corporate Powers
   IV.   Elections
   V.   City Council
   VI.   Ordinances
   VII.   Mayor
   VIII.   City Manager
   IX.   Officers and Employees
   X.   Finance and Taxation
   XI.   Taxation and Revenue
   XII.   License Taxes
   XIII.   City Bonds
   XIV.   Sinking Fund
   XV.   Budget and Appropriations
   XVI.   Departments
   XVII.   Police Force
   XVIII.   Fire Bureau
   XIX.   Water Works
   XX.   City Court and Judge
   XXI.   Advertisement for Public Works
   XXII.   Meadow Park Lake
   XXIII.   Board of Lake Commissioners
   XXIV.   Hospital
   XXV.   Taxi Cabs and Motor Vehicles
   XXVI.   Construction of This Act
   XXVII.   Effective Date of This Act