An Ordinance enacting a Code of Ordinances for the City of Crossville, Tennessee, revising, amending, restating, codifying and compiling certain existing general ordinances of the City of Crossville dealing with subjects embraced in such Code of Ordinances, and declaring an emergency.
WHEREAS, the present general and permanent ordinances of the City of Crossville are inadequately arranged and classified and are insufficient in form and substance for the complete preservation of the public peace, health, safety and general welfare of the municipality and for the proper conduct of its affairs; and
WHEREAS, the Acts of the Legislature of the State of Tennessee empower and authorize the City of Crossville to revise, amend, restate, codify and compile any existing ordinances and all new ordinances not heretofore adopted or published and to incorporate such ordinances into one ordinance in book form; and
WHEREAS, the Legislative Authority of the City of Crossville has authorized a general compilation, revision and codification of the ordinances of the City of Crossville of a general and permanent nature and publication of such ordinance in book form; and
WHEREAS, it is necessary to provide for the usual daily operation of the municipality and for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, safety and general welfare of the municipality that this ordinance take effect at an early date.
SECTION I. The general ordinance of the City of Crossville as revised, amended, restated, codified, and compiled in book form are hereby adopted as and shall constitute the "Code of Ordinances of the City of Crossville, Tennessee."
SECTION II. Such Code of Ordinances as adopted in Section 1 shall consist of the following Titles:
   Title 1: General Administration
   Title 2: Boards, Commissions and the Like
   Title 3: Municipal Court
   Title 4: Municipal Personnel
   Title 5: Municipal Finance and Taxation
   Title 6: Law Enforcement
   Title 7: Fire Protection and Fireworks
   Title 8: Alcoholic Beverages
   Title 9: Business, Peddlers, Solicitors and the Like
   Title 10:Animal Control
   Title 11:Municipal Offenses
   Title 12:Building, Utility Codes and the Like
   Title 13:Property Maintenance Regulations
   Title 14:Zoning and Land Use Control
   Title 15:Motor Vehicles, Traffic and Parking
   Title 16:Streets and Sidewalks
   Title 17:Refuse and Trash Disposal
   Title 18:Water and Sewers
   Title 19:Electricity and Gas
   Title 20:Miscellaneous
SECTION III. All prior ordinances pertaining to the subjects treated in such Code of Ordinances shall be deemed repealed from and after the effective date of this ordinance except as they are included and reordained in whole or in part in such Code; provided, such repeal shall not affect any offense committed or penalty incurred or any right established prior to the effective date of this ordinance, nor shall such repeal affect the provisions of ordinances levying taxes, appropriating money, annexing or detaching territory, establishing franchises, or granting special rights to certain persons, authorizing public improvements, authorizing the issuance of bonds or borrowing of money, authorizing the purchase or sale of real or personal property, granting or accepting easements, plat or dedication of land to public use, vacating or setting the boundaries of streets or other public places; nor shall such repeal affect any other ordinance of a temporary or special nature or pertaining to subjects not contained in or covered by the Code.
SECTION IV. Such Code shall be deemed published as of the day of its adoption and approval by the City Council and the Clerk of the City of Crossville is hereby authorized and ordered to file a copy of such Code of Ordinances in the Office of the Clerk.
SECTION V. Such Code shall be in full force and effect as provided in Section VI, and such Code shall be presumptive evidence in all courts and places of the ordinance and all provisions, sections, penalties and regulations therein contained and of the date of passage, and that the same is properly signed, attested, recorded, and approved and that any public hearings and notices thereof as required by law have been given.
SECTION VI. This ordinance shall take effect upon and after its final date of passage, the public welfare requiring it.
J. H. Graham, III /s/
Earl Dean /s/             Boyd Wyatt, Sr. /s/
Councilman                  Councilman
Danny R. Wyatt /s/             George Marlow /s/
Councilman                  Councilman
Sally Oglesby /s/
City Clerk
Kenneth Chadwell /s/
City Attorney
Passed 1st Reading:       August 30, 2011
Passed 2nd Reading:       September 12, 2011
Passed 3rd Reading:       September 13, 2011