§ 375.05 Payment of Utilities
   (a)   A landlord who is a party to a rental agreement shall pay for the electric, gas, and water services for the tenant’s dwelling unit unless:
      (1)   The applicable utility service is provided to the tenant’s dwelling unit through an individual meter or submeter that measures usage only in the tenant’s dwelling unit; and
      (2)   The rental agreement provides that, with respect to the applicable utility service, the tenant shall pay only for the cost of the utility service that is provided through the individual meter or submeter during the tenancy; and
      (3)   The rental agreement provides that the tenant shall have reasonable access at all times to the individual meter or submeter, for the purpose of reading the meter or submeter; and the landlord grants the tenant such access to the individual meter or submeter; and
      (4)   The provisions in the rental agreement that implement this section are stated in clear and unambiguous language.
(Ord. No. 1844-A-99. Passed 7-18-01, eff. 7-26-01)