§ 375.02 Terms of Rental Agreements
   (a)   A landlord and tenant may include in a rental agreement any terms and conditions, including the term relating to rent, the duration of an agreement, and any other provisions governing the rights and obligations of the parties that are not inconsistent with or prohibited by this chapter, RC Chapter 5321, Chapter 240 regarding lead hazards, including Section 240.06 regarding disclosures regarding lead hazards in the lease of target housing, or with any other rule of law.
   (b)   In the event that a landlord and tenant have a rental agreement for a duration of six (6) months or more, and the rental agreement includes a provision for automatic renewal, the automatic renewal provision must be set forth in clear, unambiguous language and must be printed on the rental agreement in bold type that is at least twice the size of any other print on the page.
   (c)   If a rental agreement includes a provision that authorizes the landlord to assess the tenant a fee for late payment of the monthly rent, the total amount of that late payment fee for any month may not exceed the larger of: (i) twenty-five dollars ($25.00); or (ii) five percent (5%) of the monthly contract rent. In addition, the total amount of that late payment fee for any amount may not exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of the portion of the monthly contract rent that the tenant is obligated to pay under the rental agreement.
(Ord. No. 1027-04. Passed 8-11-04, eff. 8-17-04)