§ 92.03  OFFENSES.
   It is unlawful and an offense for any owner as herein defined, within the corporate limits of the city to do any of the following:
   (A)   To own, keep, possess, harbor, or allow to remain on premises under his control, any dog or cat of the age of four months or older, unless such dog or cat shall have been vaccinated and licensed as provided in this chapter.
   (B)   Fail to prevent any dog or cat owned, possessed, kept or harbored by property occupant from running at large or being at large. It shall be permissible for a dog to be led off the premises of its owner when under leash. Nowhere in this chapter does this apply to police dogs.
   (C)   To abandon or desert any animal or to permit any animal to become a stray.
   (D)   To harbor, keep, or have possession of any dangerous dog.
   (E)   To harbor, keep, or have possession of any animal which is a nuisance.
   (F)   To fail, or refuse, to surrender to the Chief of Police, or designated by the Chief of Police or any person designated by the City Manager, upon demand, any unlicensed dog or cat, any dangerous, potentially dangerous dog or any animal which is a nuisance, any rabies suspected animal, dog or cat  found at large  as defined herein, or any animal the keeping or harboring of which is declared to be an offense.
   (G)   Remove or fail to affix or attach to collars or harnesses worn by dogs or cats a current license city registration and current rabies tag as provided in this chapter.
   (H)   Keep, possess, own, harbor or exhibit any animal wild by nature except as any exhibition complying with all aspects of federal laws and regulations and Oklahoma laws and regulations applicable to exhibition of animals wild by nature and except for the keeping or raising of wild or exotic animals under the city zoning ordinances.
   (I)   Allow an animal to defecate (without the owner, keeper or harborer removing the excreta deposited) on public property or private property other than that of the owner.
   (J)   Harbor, keep or possess in any one household more than a combined total of five dogs and cats over the age of four months; provided that no more than three of such animals shall be dogs over the age of four months. It is specifically provided a household may keep or possess more dogs and/or cats than permitted by this paragraph so long as:
      (1)   Immediately prior to June 15, 2000, the household legally possessed more than the number of dogs and/or cats permitted by this paragraph;
      (2)   Those dogs and/or cats were licensed according to the city ordinances;
      (3)   Any animal that is not spayed or neutered; unless the owner possesses a hobbyist or breeders license. See § 92.33; or
      (4)   A hobbyist permit does not allow more than three dogs outside at any time, unless properly confined in a sufficient kennel.
   (K)   Fail to spay or neuter any cat or dog owned, possessed or harbored at one household. All cats and dogs in the city limits must be spayed or neutered by a licensed veterinarian by five months of age, or unless the canine is a police canine used by the local law enforcement agency Claremore Police Department or possess an intact permit.
   (L)   Own or harbor, keep any fowl, swine, equine, goats or rabbits in the city limits not in compliance with this chapter.
   (M)   Fail to prevent any horse, mule, donkey, cattle, goat or swine of any kind owned, possessed, kept or harbored from running or being at large.
   (N)   Failure to provide food, water and shelter to any animal in the city limits of Claremore.
   (O)   Failure to pay for rabies quarantine by a licensed veterinarian. This fee is subject to change due to the veterinarian’s room and board fees.
   (P)   Giving away or selling of animals on rights-of-way, roadside parking lots and commercial parking lots is prohibited in the city limits of Claremore.
   (Q)   It shall be unlawful for any person to own, harbor, possess in any one household more than a total of six reptiles or rodents of any kind.
   (R)   Fail to register livestock-reptiles kept in city limits.
   (S)   To harbor, keep or have in possession of any animal which is potentially dangerous.
(Ord. 2009-10, passed 5-18-09; Am. Ord. 2009-33, passed 12-21-09)  Penalty, see § 10.99