15-28-350 Fire prevention requirements.
   The storage and handling of organic peroxides shall comply with the following provisions:
   (1)   Quantities in excess of ten pounds and less than 50 pounds shall be stored only in a separate room having a fire-resistive rating of not less than two hours. No other material shall be permitted in such rooms or buildings. Only one such storage room shall be permitted in any building.
   (2)   Provide means to prevent the exposures of organic materials to the direct rays of the sun. There shall be no source of heat in any storage room.
   (3)   The storage of organic peroxides shall be permitted only in the original I.C.C. regulated containers. Such materials shall not be repackaged in odd containers or other containers. The containers shall be plainly labeled to avoid misuse of the materials. Such labels shall properly identify, at all times, the trade name, the chemical composition and the net weight or volume of the material in the container. Care should be taken to completely empty the containers. The empty containers shall be immediately removed from the building and properly disposed.
   (4)   Containers of organic peroxide shall not be opened in the storage area. A special room or the outside area shall be designated for this purpose.
   (5)   No secondary or loose storage of organic peroxides shall be permitted in the manufacturing area. The organic peroxides brought into such areas shall be limited to that required for immediate use.
   (6)   When liquid organic peroxides are shipped in containers equipped with specially vented caps, no other type of cap shall be used.
   (7)   Organic peroxides shall be kept away from all sources of ignition.
   (8)   All processing equipment shall be properly grounded in conformity with Title 14E. Conductive and spark-resistant floors shall be provided in all manufacturing areas where organic peroxides are used. Conductive safety shoes shall be worn by all operating personnel. All scoops used for weighing the material shall be made of nonsparking materials.
   (9)   Containers of organic peroxides shall be provided with covers or kept closed.
   (10)   "NO SMOKING" signs conforming to Section 15-4-940 shall be posted in conspicuous places throughout the storage and manufacturing areas.
   (11)   Organic peroxides shall not be subjected to any frictional or grinding operation.
   (12)   Uncontaminated contents of broken or cracked bags, packages or other containers shall be transferred to new and clean containers before storing. Other spilled materials and discarded containers shall be promptly gathered up and destroyed in a safe and proper manner.
   (13)   Only wiring complying with the requirements of Title 14E shall be permitted. All electric lights shall be protected with suitable guards.
   (14)   Explosives or blasting agents shall not be permitted in the same building in which organic peroxides are stored or used.
   (15)   Appropriate warning signs shall be prominently displayed in all buildings where organic peroxides are stored or used. Such signs shall have a white field with red letters four inches high with a one- half-inch stroke and shall read "DANGER – HANDLE WITH CARE".
   (16)   Internal combustion motor vehicles or lift trucks shall not be parked or stored in the room where such chemicals are stored or used.
   (17)   Extreme care shall be taken to avoid rough handling or contamination of organic peroxides.
(Prior code § 92-30; Amend Coun. J. 9-6-17, p. 55278, Art. II, § 60)