10-40-450 Signal for opening of railroad bridges.
   When any vessel shall signal for any railroad bridge across any part of the harbor, the bridge tender shall immediately open the bridge, unless a train be on the bridge or approaching it so closely as to be unable to stop, and in that case the bridge may be kept closed long enough for the passage of one train and no more.
   If, from any cause, the bridge tender cannot open the bridge, he shall immediately notify the vessel by waving a red flag by day and a red lantern by night and continue waving the same until the vessel has stopped, continuing thereafter to display the same until the bridge can be opened. As soon as the cause for stopping the vessel has been removed, the bridge shall be immediately opened.
   It shall be unlawful for the owner, officer or other person in charge of any vessel to attempt to pass any railroad bridge while a stop signal is being given or displayed by the bridge tender.
   Nothing in this or the preceding section shall be considered as superseding the bridge hours as set forth in this Code.
(Prior code § 38-47)